WordPress Expertise

This is by far the most experienced area of expertise. I’ve worked on many types of WordPress builds ranging from small personal sites to huge e-commerce WordPress builds. I have experience in managing WordPress with Docker, managing WordPress with version control such as Git. WooCommerce, used in both e-commerce and non-e-commerce fashions, scrubbing hacked WordPress sites clean, writing custom WordPress plugins and themes, WordPress security and optimization. I’ve worked on WordPress websites as both a front-end developer and back-end developer. I’ve also used WordPress in a headless approach as well as worked with its REST API endpoints on various projects.

PHP Expertise

As a PHP developer, I’ve had exposure to common CMS frameworks such as Drupal and Joomla. While I’ve never used Laravel in a professional environment (yet!) I’m well aware of MVC design patterns as well as knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming. I have strong knowledge of common PHP, Composer, PHP libraries and using PSR-2 coding standards.

Skills Matrix


Experience Proficiency Level
Training only1
Limited Exposure 2
Practical Experience 3
Extensive Experience 4
Expert Knowledge 5

Front-end Development Skills

SkillExperienceProficiency Level
HTML510 years+ 5
CSS310 years+ 4
JavaScript10 years+ 4
jQuery5 years4
Sass1 year3
Bootstrap4 years4

Back-end Development Skills

SkillExperience Proficiency Level
PHP 5/7 10 years+ 4
MySQL / MariaDB 10 years+ 4

General Development Skills

SkillExperienceProficiency Level
Git4 years4
Node.js2 years3
Docker2 years3
Apache10 years+ 4
Nginx4 years3
Composer2 years3
Linux/Bash (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian)5 years4

CMS / Framework Development Skills

SkillExpertiseProficiency Level
WordPress 10 years+ 5
Joomla 33 years4
Drupal 82 years4
Laravel 5.x< 1 year2
Django 2.x < 1 year 1
Flask < 1 year 1

Other Industry Skills

FTP, SSL certs, SSH, domain management, hosting management, email management, website SEO and performance audits, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla optimization, image and video compression, JSON and XML interfacing and manipulation

Software Knowledge

Google App Scripts, G Suite, Jira, Filezilla, MobaXTerm, HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, PhpStorm, VIM, PyCharm CE, Brackets, Sublime Text, Atom, IDLE, cmder, Powershell, Putty, CSVed, Virtualbox, Postman, OBS Studio, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe Premier, TeamViewer, Laragon, XAMPP, Slack, GTMetrix