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Hello and welcome to my blog. A separate section of my website where I aim to share knowledge, help, inspire or inform interested individuals and like minded people on various topics.

You may be wondering why this section is cut off from the rest of my website and looks so vastly different? Simple, I want it that way. I feel this blog has the potential to be something bigger and don’t want to confuse it with my personal website.

I also want a clean, minimalistic look to the blog so that information is easy to read, quick to access and commentable thanks to the power of WordPress.

I don’t have a consistent blog update schedule. Instead, I will be updating the blog where and when it’s needed.

I’m really hoping the articles I have in mind will help out other curious information seekers. Until them, bookmark this site, sit back and relax…

Side-note: The blog update for my site was built using the newly released WordPress 4.4 on PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7 on my home Linux server. Unfortunately I’m at the mercy of my website hosting company who doesn’t just run PHP 7 / MySQL 5.7 just yet.

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