A Great Web Development Podcast

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If you’re looking for a great source of interesting web development topics, you need to look no further than the podcast, a show that is by web developers for web developers and covers a massive range of various web development topics on a weekly basis.

For the past year, Scott Tolinski (from Level Up Tuts) and Wes Bos have been putting out top quality episodes. Taking a look back over the past 12 months, there has been some amazing content and the show has covered some very interesting web development topics.

Below are some of my favourite episodes that I’ve found personally interesting, helpful or enjoyable:

The show is available to listen to on their website as well as a wide array of audio and podcast services.

If you’re currently a web developer looking to expand their knowledge or is someone who has an interest in the world of web development, give a bash! It’s definitely one of the better development-centric podcasts out there.


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