New Year, New Website, New Look!

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A belated but happy new year. Yeah, I know we’re half-way through February already, but I felt obliged to state the obvious. Speaking of such, welcome to my new website, sporting a brand new look.

I realized towards the end of 2016 that a website redo was much needed, but finding time between the end of year madness, starting at and adjusting to a new job, I had to find time in between everything to get this new look launched.

Whilst looking at my old website I knew an overhaul was long overdue – the old website was coded in 2015 and it was outdated. Badly. That used Bootstrap and a few Javascript libraries and to be honest that old look wore out it’s welcome very quickly.

The problem was that I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted. Then after browsing other websites of developers, doing some research and finding inspiration, I finally found something I liked. Something that spoke to me and said, “this is it!”. I managed to code the basic structure and look in two nights and over the course of the new few weeks, I hacked away at it, molding it to how I wanted it.

I’ve opted for a much cleaner look with a modern Material look and feel. I wanted to keep it looking almost like a professional CV (or Resume as some of you might call it) so that I can let my experience, projects and skills speak for themselves. I still wanted to keep my blogs and writing going, so instead of scrapping that (it did cross my mind), I converted what I had already coded into a WordPress theme.

There are a few minor things I will be correcting over the weeks to come, but I’m much happier with this iteration of my website. I really hope you like the look and feel.

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