tipBru – My First Android App

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Today I successfully launched my first, own native, fully hand-coded Android app on the Google Play Store.

About tipBru

tipBru is a small free app I developed that alleviates the need for a calculator when out dining. The lightweight app can quickly calculate the tip on a bill and comes with 3 standard tipping “generosity” levels.

tipBru was also developed with a “round up” feature that allows you to pay a solid, rounded amount instead of a total that is “fragmented”, for lack of a better term. This is useful in situations where you only have cash and don’t want cents back.

The small utility app is available for free from the Google Play Store as from today and you can download it from the link at the bottom of this post.

Completely Free And The Source Code Too!

To compliment the release of my app, I have also included the entire source code in a GitHub repository, which can be accessed from here. I plan to keep the source code updated as I go along and push out new versions. Feel free to glance over the code.

Tools Used To Develop the App

  • Coded in HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Using Framework7
  • Compiled with Apache Cordova (strictly using the CLI)
  • Using the Google Android SDK
  • Using JDK 8 / JRE 8
  • Coded with Brackets

Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.martingrondein.tipBru&hl=en

LG G3 D855 Marshmallow Update South Africa

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The LG G3 (released back in May 2014) is due for a big Android update very very soon. 5 months after it’s release, LG G3 users will finally be receiving the long-awaited Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) update.

…the update is still nowhere in sight.

This article suggests (which comes from this Reddit thread) that the update should arrive March 14th, but a couple of days later, for a large majority of users, the update is still nowhere in sight.

I have been closely following this thread on GSM Arena for the past couple of days and while a very small group of people have reported already receiving the update via OTA (Over The Air), the rest of us have been left with bated breath, eagerly waiting to have our hand-held devices updated.

Update: As of 07 April 2016, the Marshmallow update for the LG G3 is now live in South Africa via the LG PC Suite. However, the update still does not appear via the OTA updating method.

LG G3 D855 Marshmallow Update South Africa

South Africa, as usual, will more than likely be at the bottom of the upgrade queue, however this won’t stop me for closely monitoring the update status here at the bottom of Africa. Update: The Marshmallow update is now live.

… better battery management

What’s the big deal with Android 6 coming to the LG G3? Well, in short… better battery management (thanks to Doze and app standby features), not to forget the bug fixes and minor features added to to Android 5.1 like high-definition voice calls. This page on Wikipedia outlays all the features across multiple Android version releases.

LG G3 D855

Lollipop Software Version: V20n-ZAF-XX
Marshmallow Software Version: V30a-ZAF-XX

Update Log:

March 14 18:00 – No update available via OTA or LG PC Suite.
March 15 17:30 – No update available via OTA or LG PC Suite.
March 16 15:00– No update available via OTA.
March 17 14:55 – No update available via OTA.
March 18 08:14 – No update available via OTA. Some users are now reporting March 29th upon speaking to their counties’ service carriers.
March 22 13:32 – No update available via OTA or LG PC Suite.
March 23 07:47 – No update available via OTA or LG PC Suite.
March 29 09:14 – No update available via OTA.
April 05 10:15 – No update available via OTA.
April 07 15:15 – Confirmed. Update has now appeared via LG PC Suite. I now get this screen: (can’t update now for two reasons, 1) batter too low and 2) I’m at work at the moment.) Will try when I get home later.
April 08 07:00 – Update successful via the LG PC Suite. Servers were overloaded last night so it was not possible to update my side, but update worked 100% this morning.

LG G3 Marshmallow


Some users have reported that the Polish version of their OTA update now reflects V30b-GLOBAL-COM as their software version. Still no update available for the rest of the world. Update: South Africa has received their update. You can now download it via the LG PC Suite